Amazing Cities to go in the UK

The UK, which is composed of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland countries, is geography that hosts magnificent natural beauties and exquisite cultural richness. Fascinating with its crowded but calm atmosphere, modern city views, historical buildings and traditions dating back to the Middle Ages, the UK is one of Europe’s most popular and favorite tourist destinations. Here are some of the places you should see in this wonderful country.


Stardford-upon-Avon, the town where Shakespeare was born, is a must-see in England with its magnificent nature, small English town property, owners of the Avon river, swans and the best old theater scenes.


Oxford, a university city, is the UK’s most intellectual city with bookstores and old cafes. Don’t forget to go to St Mary the Virgin Church, the most beautiful view of the city.


Edinburgh, the pearl of Scotland, will make you feel in a fairy-tale world. You will not be surprised that Harry Potter is written in this city.


Warwick Castle, which will take you to Medieval England, is one of the places where you can breathe the British air.


Standing out with its superbly organized city structure and charmingness, Bath is one of the places that deserve to be visited in England.


Cambridge, another university city, has a tour channel that adds beauty to the city.


Manchester, where the Industrial Revolution took place, is one of the places you need to be in order to understand British history and psychology. You can also visit various factory museums.


These two cities located in the north of England are generally known for their football teams. And it is very similar to each other.


Located in the south of England, Brighton is another seaside city in the UK. Brighton, which has the opportunity to swim in hot weather, is a city that attracts attention in the UK with its gay population. Brighton is a seaside town to be mentioned in the cities between England travel guide.


Yorkshire is one of the largest regions in Britain and has a unique identity. People who are proud of being a center of attraction for their region are famous for their warmth. With its beautiful scenic villages, the wild North York marshes and the rugged hills of the Yorkshire valleys have fascinated many world-renowned artists, writers and television producers. And of course, the famous English tea is where it grows.

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