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When it comes to beauty, it has been a routine that we all tried and tested. It goes without saying that we are all chasing new beauty secrets that will always help us make the most of our care routine and feel even better. Here are our favorite, six most practical (and useful) tips; Let’s see how many you will add to your repertoire?

There are many beauty products that most women use to look beautiful and young. However, we have gathered some secrets for you that you can look amazing, save time and not waste much money. You may not have heard of some of them before.


We can’t even think of any better time to try the detox trend in hair. How about helping your hair recover by shaping your hair with less heat and getting plenty of care? It is said that after separation, women often turn to radical changes in their hair. Then a great timing to try the trend of September square cut! The hair tips will also have their share of innovation.


In the most neglected state after separation, you should stop buried in the chocolate box and watch romantic movies. Instead, wear your sexiest outfit, make the coolest makeup, organize a great night with your most entertaining friends. So which makeup style will make you feel better? In our opinion, there is no better time to try the most flamboyant makeup. Is it red lipstick? Yes please. Smoky gaze? Why not!


Separations can be a great opportunity to renew completely. Follow the skincare routine regularly and invest in skincare masks. You also have plenty of time to clean your makeup before going to sleep at night. As for the nails, we cannot think of a better time to pamper yourself with a manicure and pedicure session.

Try body fat.

One of the best beauty secrets for soft skin is body oil: It has been one of the all-time favorite beauty tips for the best skincare and a soft, radiant perfect skin.

Keep essential products close at hand.

It’s simple. Keep essential skincare products near your bed, so you will always remember to use them before bedtime and give them plenty of time to be effective. Our favorites? Hand cream and body milk like Intensive Nourishment Hand Cream (so you will have perfectly soft skin)

Apply ice to the swollen eyelids.

Are your eyelids swollen when you wake up in the morning? Gently tap the ice cube wrapped in a gauze around your eyes and witness the swelling of the swelling in a short time. So you can leave the house with a well-rested look

Feature your beauties.

Brown for blue eyes, purple for brown eyes, etc. Choose shades that will emphasize the color of your eyes. Contrasting tones will reveal the beauty of your eyes. Use it gracefully and voila !: Gain (almost) invisible self-confidence for your beauty!

Use cotton swabs.

These excellent cleaning cottons do many different things. You can use it to correct your lipstick, apply your eyeliner makeup precisely and even as an applicator. Always have a few in your bag so you can be sure that the solution is at hand when you need to urgently intervene.


Milk bath recipe for dry skin

Ingredients: Milk + salt + honey

Preparation: Mix 1 liter of milk, 1 cup of salt and half a cup of honey in an empty plastic water bottle. And rub this body with this foam, then rinse.

What it does: The milk bath cleans deeply but does not dry out the skin as it does not harm the sensitivity of the epidermis. Salt helps to remove dead skin.

When to use it: Once a week.

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