Best Cities and Countries in the world – Travel Recommendations

We have prepared a list of European cities that must be seen for those who want fun or a romantic holiday. Take a look at the tourist cities that will find the best places to visit in Europe and those who are curious about the latest holiday trends. You can buy your most flight tickets to Europe as you can all over the world and start traveling to these countries immediately. Set up a beautiful trip in advance from the tourist cities to beautiful cities that are not heard much on public holidays.


Here are the cities that must be seen before dying, ranging from ancient cities of Asia, Europe and America to modern cities and more.


– Poland

You should definitely go to Krakow in 2018, which is on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List, where you can still experience the medieval atmosphere. This historical city, located on the skirts of the Carpathian Mountains, is home to the Jagiellonian University, where Copernicus was also a student. Krakow is clearly divided into two as a residential area: Christians live on one side and Jews live on the other. Kazimierz, the Jewish quarter, is the most beautiful region of Krakow. You can add movement and color to your holiday with a carriage trip in the city center of Krakow or a nice walk along the Vistula River.

– Norway

You can see the world-famous fjords and trolls of Norway under the magnificent view of the northern lights, and you can have an unforgettable experience in Nordkapp, known as the spot where the sun never sets. It is also useful to spend your money carefully in Norway, the most expensive country in Europe. After all, you would not want to complete such a beautiful journey without money.


– Netherlands

You will hear Leeuwarden, whose name has not been heard among the Dutch cities, this year. You ask why? Because 2018 was chosen as the European Capital of Culture. Leeuwarden, the capital of the Friesland region, is an excellent destination especially for those seeking cultural sightseeing. You may have heard of the museums in Amsterdam: Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum and many more. The interesting museum in Leeuwarden is the Fries Museum. Here, the exhibitions that will meet art lovers consist of different themes such as Mata Hari’s life, Escher paintings, 11 cities of Friesland.

– Sri Lanka

The pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is an island country. It is a natural wonder with its ancient temples, forests. Since it has people from many religions, it has a very cultural structure. You can stay for 6 dollars a day in a good hotel in this country whose capital is Colombo. Food prices are also between $ 4-6. You can visit this natural wonder country with a daily budget of 25 dollars.



This country, whose capital is Vientiane, is hard to go to but is very cheap to travel. You can visit different temples in this country, which attracts attention with its culture, very cheaply. For example, you can find accommodation for 5 dollars per day in the capital Vientiane. You can eat for 4 dollars in a beautiful place. You can travel comfortably with a daily spend of 25 dollars.

– Nepal

Nepal has taken first place in the list of cheap countries. Nepal, the capital of Kathmandu, became an even cheaper country after the big earthquake. In this region, which is open to tourism, you can stay in a nice place for an average of 3-4 dollars per day. You can have a nice meal for $ 5. You can spend a day very comfortable for an average of 25-30 dollars.


– Myanmar

It is the second-largest country in Southeast Asia. It is a very, very cheap country. Its temples are places to be seen with its different culture. You can stay here for 5-6 dollars. You can visit beautiful places for 25-30 dollars per day.


– Nicaragua

Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America, but it is also the poorest country. So it is very cheap. Its economy is awful. Students prefer this country, which has many beautiful places to visit, for language education. You can stay here for 7 dollars in a nice place. You can also eat in a very nice place for 9-10 dollars.


– Portugal

With its pleasant buildings, friendly people, great Portuguese cuisine and Porto wines, this city always fascinate you. You can join Douro River tours in this charming city built by the river, you can have a pleasant day by watching the view of Porto. If you are wondering where are the places to see in Porto, one of the most beautiful destinations for a romantic holiday, you can catch a beautiful view in every street. According to the 2018 horoscope horoscope, Libra is where people should go this year!


– Greece

You can spend a peaceful Greece vacation in Sifnos, which is not yet popular and is part of the Cyclades Islands, which has been able to preserve the authentic Mediterranean air of the Greek islands. Especially the town of Kamares is like a hidden pearl of the Mediterranean with its few authentic houses and small harbor. On the Platy Yalos beach here, you can have a nice day and visit the Hagia Maria Church and then you can have the sweet tiredness of the day with a delicious dinner at a tavern in Agia Marina. If you are looking for where to go in summer in 2018, Sifnos island is ideal for those who are looking for a peaceful and calm summer vacation.


In Spain, Granada is a city on the UNESCO World Heritage List, where the Arab influence in the Andalusia region is best observed. Al Hamra Palace, which consists of a half-palace and a half-castle and dates back to the 889s, is almost like a city with walls. The Palace of Al Hamra, which reflects the history of Andalusia very well, was founded by the Arabs on the ruins of ancient Rome, and has survived to the present day through renovations. If you are planning an Andalusian tour, you should definitely visit Sevilla as well as Granada.



Especially Ragusa is one of the places to see on the island of Sicily, Italy. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are very beautiful historical churches and palaces in this city, which should be added to the holiday program for those who want to make a tour of Sicily. The best spot to watch the city view is the church of Santa Maria delle Scale. You can taste delicious dishes at the two michelin star restaurant Duomo, or you can eat special dishes of Sicilian cuisine, which you can also see traces of Italian cuisine, but also have its own style. So what to eat in Sicily? The most famous dish of Sicily is swordfish, which you will find in almost every restaurant on the island. If you are open to world cuisines or if you like fish, you can have very nice meals in Ragusa.


You can beautify your Moscow holiday by visiting historical and touristic places such as Kremlin Palace, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Cathedral of Christ the Savior, exploring Russian art at the Tretyakov Gallery, watching a ballet at the historic Bolshoi Theater or enjoying a cup of tea at Cafe Pushkin.


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