Best Places to visit in the UK! Time to have wonderful trip in wonderful lands!

The United Kingdom, one of the most visited countries in the world, creates endless options for travelers. It is a very impressive country with its fascinating history, exciting cities, and rich cultural traditions. There are many historical buildings from the ancient castles, medieval colleges, ancient Roman sites, and centuries-old royal palaces that emphasize the pictoriality of rural areas in the country.


Stonehenge, which is the most famous ancient monument of England and also one of the most popular tourist centers in the world, is located only 10 miles north of Salisbury Plain. Stonehenge, the most important prehistoric site in the world, is still a matter of debate as to who it was created by since it was created by a culture that does not leave a written document behind. Evidence, the great stones BC. It shows that it was erected around 2500. Archaeologists have not been able to find data to support the purpose and construction of Stonehenge, one of the most mysterious monuments in the world, but many scientists believe that the monument was used for feast or center of worship.


Tower of London

The prison, the palace, the treasure vault, the observatory, and the zoo … The Tower of London has all been these. According to the common view, it is the most important structure of England. The center of the site is the White Tower. The tower, which was built by William in 1078, hosts the King’s Road (1652), the world’s oldest exhibition (1652), which attracts tourists with its royal army images. The Royal Jewelry exhibition, the classic Yeoman Warder Tours, Royal Money, prisoners, and execution-related exhibitions and shows are other important ingredients. The Tower of London is waiting to be discovered for hours with its 72 thousand square meter area.


The palace, built-in 1703 in the Neo-Classical style, takes its name from the mansion built in the name of the Duke of Buckingham. Covering a huge area of ​​77 thousand square meters, Buckingham Palace is 24 meters high. One of London’s most magnificent buildings and the world-famous palace is also the substitute for the British Royal family. It is also called the ‘Queen’s House’. The palace has 775 rooms consisting of dozens of sections.


Along with Buckingham Palace and Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, it is one of the official main residences of the British monarchy. Staying at Buckingham Palace in the winter, the queen prefers Windsor Palace in the summer. The flag in front of the Queen is hoisted to the ship. Many kings and queens of England had a direct impact on the construction and development of the palace, each serving themselves as garrison, fortress, residence, official palace and sometimes a prison, according to their own time. When the country was in peace, large and magnificent rooms were added to the palace. During the war, the palace would be strengthened. The fire that broke out in the castle in 1992 damaged about 100 rooms. The castle features works by artists such as Rembrandt, Rubens, Canaletto, and Gainsborough. Queen Mary’s dollhouse, which is also located in the castle, remains the most famous dollhouse in the world. 160 guests can be accommodated at the dining table in the St. George hall. Castle is the size of 268 tennis courts and 40 rooms are actively used.


The Anglican cathedral in London is the main church of London and one of the largest cathedrals in Europe. Only the dome part of St. It is smaller than Peter’s Basilica. It was built in the British Baroque architectural style by Architect Sir Christopher Wren to Ludgate Hill, the highest point in the city. If the ruins and reconstructions are not counted, this cathedral is the fifth St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Especially its dome adds richness to the architecture of the cathedral. St. Paul’s Cathedral is also one of the most photographed spots in London. There is a shop where you can buy souvenirs and a cafe where you can relax under the cathedral. After seeing the cathedral, you can walk to the Millennium Bridge and reach Tate Modern.


London Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the world in London. The zoo, one of the most touristic spots in the city, was established about 180 years ago. It is in the city center within Regent’s Park. The zoo is operated by the London Zoological Union. Although London Zoo is located in the city center, many animal species can be seen in it. Lion, camel, penguin, giraffe, monkey, tiger and meerkat are some of these species. In fact, with 750 different animal species, London Zoo has the richest animal collection in Great Britain. It is a place where you can have fun not only for children but also for adults.


Canterbury Cathedral is located in the heart of the historic city it takes its name from. It was built between 1070 and 1089 on the ruin of the cathedral built by St. Augustine in the 7th century. Vertical Gothic style additions were made in the cathedral, which was created in the Roman style. Canterbury Cathedral, which is 72 meters high, was designed by famous architects such as William of Sens and William the Englishman. At the same time, this sacred place is the eternal resting place of many important personalities, especially Thomas Becket and Augustine of Canterbury. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Warwick Castle (Warwick Castle)

If you want a truly unforgettable English family trip, there is no better option than visiting Warwick Castle, which offers a fascinating medieval life. This impressive castle in the beautiful city of Warwick, located on the River Avon, has dominated the region’s history and scenery for 900 years. Today, the spear war festival, fairs, and concerts are organized, which are basically Medieval-themed events and animations. Warwick is a great place to explore Cotswolds. In addition, Stratford-upon-Avon, Liverpool, and Manchester are also very easy to reach by car.


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