Get rid of excess weights!

Maintaining weight with weight control is as important as losing weight. After the slimming process is completed, we offer our readers a comprehensive file about what to do to avoid losing the weight you lost suddenly. In this comprehensive article prepared in accordance with the information given by Diet Experts, you will find the basic methods of losing weight and what needs to be done to regain weight.


It is possible to get rid of excess weight with a balanced diet

There are two steps to lose weight and control weight. First; a healthy diet, the second; is regular physical activity. One of the habits you gain during the slimming process should be regular physical activity. Regular physical activity will speed up your metabolism while increasing your muscle mass. While trying to be kept equal with the energy consumed by the body while maintaining weight, the little getaways in our diet may create weight problems. Physical activity will help us to ignore this situation.

Regular physical activity will allow your body to take shape and have a fit look. It will also protect you against metabolic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and blood pressure. The point to be considered at this stage is the continuity of the sport. 45 minutes, 1 hour of physical activity every day without overloading the body will be your biggest supporter to stay at your ideal weight

Determine the weight you want to reach

Many people who want to lose weight often start dieting, but after a while they are unable to stick to the diet program for many different reasons. Successful results can be obtained by changing nutrition habits thanks to a properly planned diet program that will not force the person in their daily life. Those who start the diet should not tire themselves with motivational questions such as “Can I lose weight, can I maintain this weight?” In order to reach the ideal weight in a healthy way, expert help must be obtained.


Drink plenty of fluids to prevent fatigue during diet

Water need of the body also increases in the summer. Health problems such as the feeling of fainting, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, low pulse and circulatory disturbance can be seen as a result of the removal of minerals such as sodium and potassium along with water in the body with the effect of the heat in the summer season. Especially in order to meet the increased fluid loss with sweating, 2.5-3 lt. water should be drunk. To lose weight, maintain weight and prevent excessive food intake, plenty of fluids must be consumed.


Reward yourself

If you start losing weight sometime after starting your diet program, people can reward themselves for losing weight, but this rewarding diet should not be disrupting. As a reward for them; They can buy a dress they like, change their hairstyle or go somewhere they want to see for a long time. In this way, motivation can be increased.


Think positively


It is important to rejoice for every weight loss in order to keep motivation high during the diet. Regardless of the amount of weight loss, dieters should appreciate their success. Those who are on a diet should not feel excluded by thinking that they are in a program where they are banned while other people around them eat everything they want.


Don’t eat if you are not hungry

Most people feel hungry when they are bored, unhappy, angry, or happy. In such cases, the feeling of hunger should be questioned again. People who think that they should definitely eat something in case of hunger feeling due to emotion intensity should prefer raw vegetables that are not a calorie and suitable for the season.


Note what you eat at meals


It is an effective method for the dieters to take note of what they eat and control themselves. Thanks to the notes, while checking the number of meals and whether the right food groups are included in the meals; If they make mistakes, they may have a chance to see them. Another advantage of taking notes is that, despite following the diet program and taking notes, if no weight is lost at the end of a week or if too little weight is lost, the consumption is examined by a dietician and creates the chance to find the error.


Eat dry fruits instead of junk food

High-calorie snacks such as chocolate, wafers, and biscuits at home and workplace drawers can disrupt the diet program. Instead, it would be more beneficial to have healthy and suitable foods such as dried fruits, roasted chickpeas and bread crumbs in the workplace drawers.

Increase your physical activity

Besides healthy eating, physical activities will speed up weight loss. A brisk walk for at least an hour a day will make a person lose a healthy weight and feel good.


Watching less TV

An individual spends an average of 5 hours a day watching television. Studies have shown that individuals who spend their free time watching television by 50 percent less burn more than 119 calories per day. Dietician Emre Uzun states that individuals who go to gyms rather than spend time on television will be physically better as well as mentally better.


Eat healthy snacks instead of junk food

Snacks increase the metabolic rate. Dietician Emre Uzun says, “The breakdown and digestion of all unprocessed foods require more energy than processed foods”. Eating those foods has a more positive effect on calorie burning. Healthy snacks can also be consumed with simple exchanges.


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